Shortly after the Publication of our  most famous Ethiopia Edition that showcases one of the leaders of NORLAND Groups Mrs.Huifang on the Personality profile, BRIDGEAFRIQUE MAGAZINE entered into a NEW SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP WITH MRS.BETTY PAN GUOQIN, The Sure Solution Provider to all known diseases that prevents a graceful ageing in women.This Partnership is considered symbolic because it is bound to write BAM’s name in the Book of history as part of solutions to the problems affecting humanity.During an Interview with Mrs.BETTY, she revealed that she has the possession of Magic that is capable of transforming dead cells in the body and making them come to life!For details on this Simple Non side effect health “Magic” products that can aid the tightening of Female Private Parts and Cancer free Breast Enlargement, Watch out for our Next Edition on GABON…This is a mystery cure that all couples especially “exposed” women that desires Home of Bliss on Earth must possess.This health products also has the power of healing any known sicknesses when mixed with the blood in a body.Mrs.BETTY assured BAM of Knowing all forms of Chinese drugs that is capable of curing any known sicknesses and diseases in human body and to transform an Elderly woman into a “younger” looking lady.Its effects works like a Magic!According to her, many clients who has tested and trusted the effects of these “health “miracle” products can testify to their efficacy.BRIDGEAFRIQUE Media Networks,  now Mrs.BETTY’s official Media Partner henceforth has the Automatic key for showcasing her health “Miracle” products on each edition of the Magazine.One love keep us all together as we age gracefully without stress courtesy of the Power of God and these Miracle Products.According to Mrs.BETTY,´´All the “sacred parts” otherwise known as “Point of View” deserves proper protection so we must take a conscious effort towards protecting these parts to avoid Had I Known´´

Find below the Excerpts of her Interview in English and Chinese versions….

BAM Question1 (English) – Hello Miss. Betty, you are welcome to our personality showcase segment of BridgeAfrique Gabon Edition. Yeah, can you please tell us everything about yourself? Your name, interest, personality and every other things related to your personality?

BAM Question 1(Chinese) – 你好Betty小姐。欢迎你来到BridgeAfrique Gabon Edition的个性展示部分。 是的,你能告诉我们关于你自己的一切吗? 您的姓名,兴趣,个性以及与您个性相关的所有其他事项?

Answer 1(English): Hello everybody, my name is Betty, a native of Hangzhou from Shanghai Haoliang Company. International trade is my specialty and within the span of ten years, I’ve been an agent for textile companies for textile exportation. I’ve acquired a lot of experience in the field of female reproductive anti-decay promotion business which is the heart of these companies business. Since I have benefited from my province, I think the best way to give it back is to contribute my quota to the development of women all over the world by putting their health in order. Because beauty is one of those things that catches my attention, I love to stay healthy and I’ve been searching for ways to make women remain young forever. I have found the genesis of female senility and I am strongly determined to start the Shanghai Corleone Company in 2016. What I do is based on women privacy including eugenics, post-natal repair and menopause resistance. So, over the past two years, I studied the market and I realize that what the market present women is not good enough to eradicate their fundamental problems. During these two years, we have helped many families and women so; I believe we could make women’s private anti-decay industry market better and more professional. Therefore, I won’t stop helping these people, they are my family. My wish is to have happy families and that every woman irrespective of their age could blossom and I think this idea is outrightly meaningful. I think one of the factors that determine the value of women is their beauty and the more beautiful women we have in the families, the more interesting the families and the more harmonious the society. Thank you.


Chinese Transcription

Answer1 (Chinese):大家好,我是来自上海寇亮公司的Betty,我来自杭州.我是国际贸易专业,五年前我是做纺织品出口,五年后我做第二个产业eight agent,在这五年中我积累了非常多的工作经验,特别在女性生殖抗衰领域,这是公司的主要业务。因为我自己本省也是受益者,所以把自己的身体调理好了以后,我相信可以让全世界的女性收益。因为我自身比较爱美丽,也比较爱健康,所以我一直在追求女性能够保持永久的青春,我真正找到了女性衰老的根源,我下定决心在2016年开始创办了上海寇亮公司,主要做的是女性私密抗衰,包括我们的优生优育、产后修复和更年期的抗衰,所以在这两年多来,经过我对市场的调研,这是一个非常大的市场,对女性来说也是一直困惑无法解决她们的根本性问题,在这两年多来,我们的案例很多,我们的用户对我们的反馈也非常让我惊讶,在这两年多来,我们帮助了很多家庭,帮助了很多女性困惑,让很多快要离婚的家庭在我们公司的调理后重建幸福,所以我相信在未来的时间里,我一直会坚定的走下去,把女性私密抗衰这个产业做的更好更专业更人性化。然后,我在这里深深祝愿每个家庭能够幸福,能够让每一位女性在她们这个年龄段绽放自己,真正能够帮助到她们解决一些难言之隐,所以我觉得这是个非常有意义的事情。我觉得我们的价值观是:美丽一个女人,温馨一个家庭;美丽一片女人,和谐一个社会。谢谢。

BAM Question 2: What is the feeling you have about selling your products in Africa? What is the guarantee that your products will be sellable in Africa?

Question 2 (Chinese): 您在非洲和国际市场上销售产品的感觉如何您的产品可以在国际上销售的保证是什么

Answer 2: First of all, I think we have intellectual property, we wrote this book, and we also got a patent in the United States. Secondly, based on the feedback gotten over the years from women who have used their products, I believe that women all over the world who are made up of cells are bound to benefit from it.


Answer 2 (Chinese) :一,首先我觉得我们有知识产权,我们写了这个书,同时我们也得到了美国的专利。二,我根据多年来女性用完产品后的反馈,我相信全世界的女性只要是细胞组成的,她一定会有收益。

Question 3 (English) – What do you feel about Africa-China relationship?

Question 3 (Chinese) –您对中非关系有何看法

Answer 3 (English): 我觉得这个关系很好

Answer 3 (Chinese): I think it’s a good relationship.

Question 4 (English): What is you view about the world?

Question 4 (Chinese) – 你对这个世界有什么看法

Answer 4:我觉得,首先我们从16岁开始到我们生育年龄这个时间里,女人是一个非常完整的完美的,当她们生完小孩、有baby的时间,她的身体已经有破坏性了,所以需要我们的产品来修复。然后随着年龄的变化,她已经进入了更年期,所以我们产品可以延缓她的更年期,让她一直保持着女性的美丽。

I think starting from the teenager age of 16 and childbearing age women are complete and perfect but their beauty and body perfection begins to deteriorate after birth so, we need our products to ameliorate this. Then, as women get older, they move towards menopause and our products could slow this time from coming and keep this teenager beauty intact for women…Details coming on our GABON Edition soon….


Credit: Kolawole O.Michael & Jacobus Weiber Neizer for BRIDGEAFRIQUE Magazine


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