An Asian woman from China visited Nigeria in search of her missing husband and when efforts to trace him proved abortive, she decided to take up a teaching job in a private school.Ms.Catherine, as she preferred to be called, was the toast of all teachers and students due to her blithe spirit and dedication to duty. She often put her best in whatever she is being assigned to do in the school by the Principal. She oftentimes used her personal money to finance vital projects of the shool like clearing of the sock-away, picnics for students and even coordination of inter-house sports competitions to show her level of love and loyalty to the school. Meanwhile, some teachers were not happy with the good thing she was doing and in no time, they secretly conspired against her through the connivance of some students. They lied against her, expressing that she had been generating her income through the diabolic rituals she often engaged in very late at night. They went ahead to present some of the girls she had initiated into this exercise. The Principal who was so fond of her extra-curricula activities in the school was at last convinced when the girls testified against her. The girls said she always led the procession exercise every midnite and that the two girls that reportedly died in the school recently were not as a result of typhoid which was claimed to be diagnosed and recorded in the medical reports. The girls testified that the death was as a result of the effects of the ritual exercise. In order not to be seen as supporting cultism or ritual in the school, Mr.Badru (The Principal) had no choice than to unfortunately terminate her appointment prematurely, hence, subjecting her to psychological depression. Even those who were claiming to be her friends could not change the Principal’s mind. In sadness, she promised there and then to stage a comeback and deal with all those who were part of the connivance and left. While on the way home, she was still reflecting on her past activities to see where she had gone wrong, when a long lorry suddenly appeared from nowhere and ran her down! she died on the spot but instantly, her spirit jerked back to life and sadly left her body, still on the floor, blood-soaked.


At midnite in the school when students were having a sound sleep in their dormitory, Ms.Catherine’s image appeared with a violent wind. The door of the big room where some of the students who connived with the teachers slept suddenly jerked open and a mighty rushing dust devil which had never been experienced in the history of the school rushed in and started blowing virtually everything in it’s path to the ground, especially all the waste bins and beds! Few minutes after this, everything came to a standstill and Ms.Catherine’s image appeared, then mysterious knocks (sounds of her shoe movement) began to be heard as her levitated image moved around the aisle of the wide dormitory. She did this some minutes before disappearing at the emergence of the new day’s sunlight rays. Sensing her disappearance, students in the dormitory who caught a glimpse of the eerie happenings remained in shock and confusion. They then rushed outside to the principal’s building to report their ordeal. It was at daybreak the schools’ community discovered that Ms. Catherine’s image visited the teacher’s lodge too. They all thought the ordeal was over until she made it an every night affair and each visit came with the daily death announcement of one student and a teacher! The School security guard, not willing to lose his job, summoned a  great spiritualist who revealed that the only solution was to appease the spirit of the committed and dedicated teacher whom some of the other teachers and students had conspired against. Hence the question arose, where would they find the body? Not wanting to die, one of the students who is a strong member of a white garment church and a member of a prayer warrior movement left school and ran to her parents who instantly involve her in the ongoing 7 days of fasting and prayer to fortify and prepare her for the battle against the so-called spiritual power of destruction in the school. On the midnight of the 5th day into prayer and fasting exercise, Ms.Catherine’s spirit appeared to the girl’s mum in her dream and gave a warning that if they do not wish to lose their only daughter to the sin of others, she should not be allowed to confront her as she is only dealing with the conspirators. The girl was however stopped from further involvement and was sent back to school. The Principal was however confused about what to do to stop the incessant visits of the Asian woman’s spirit who was still in a melancholic mood, he suddenly saw on the network news an old friend and junior colleague in school being interviewed in China! Memories of the Asian woman’s killings flowed through his mind again. There and then, the principal became determined to contact his friend in a part of Asia to see if he could consult a higher spiritual power to confront and appease the woman on their behalf. After several links, he got through to Kunle (his younger colleague) who agreed to intervene, thereafter he was assured that a prominent evangelist will be contacted. Evangelist Lee was contacted and he agreed to embark on the spiritual deliverance exercise using his name alone! During the preparation for the task ahead, God deposited a shining cross in the Evangelist’s hand with which to protect and defend himself from the raging spirit. As usual, the door jerked open and after the entry of the mighty rushing wind, the image appeared. Equally prepared for the herculean task ahead, Evangelist Lee stepped forward to confront her spiritually. Seeing the Evangelist as being part of her own, she appealed to him in Chinese to withdraw and leave her to kill all the remaining conspirators because she won’t stop until she avenges her death for justice to prevail. The Evangelist responded that its no more justice given she had already killed many innocent students who were only victims of circumstances. Seeing the Evangelist’s obstinacy, she engaged him in tough spiritual warfare which lasted for almost one hour before the image of Ms.Catherine suddenly appeared into thin air. To the greatest shock of the spectating students and teachers, Ms. Catherine’s spirit revealed that she lost her life as a result of a great lie told against her by some teachers and students. She requested a befitting burial for her body which is still lying lifeless on the mortuary and promised that since some of the culprits have joined her, she will forgive others as a result of the courageous act of the Evangelist. As she finished this statement, she disappeared and everything became normal again. Evangelist suddenly became weak and dizzy but after some bed rest and treatment, he recovered. Some teachers confessed their role in the connivance, remaining students got better and the Asian woman was given a befitting burial, while the Evangelist and the linkman, Kunle returned back to China for other waiting spiritual assignments.


 The End.Written, Produced and Co-Directed by Kolawole O. Michael



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