December 3, 2023


About Us

 BridgeAfrique Magazine is published by our Company, BridgeAfrique Publishing Company Limited, an outfit that is incorporated in China and HKG with regional offices all over Africa, USA, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Manila, CEBU-Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, and Qatar. The number of copies produced and circulated quarterly ranges between 30-50,000 while we encourage more productions (Hard copies) anytime the need arises from any of our regional offices. We are currently in official Partnership with your Esteemed Airline Ethiopia Airlines, TED Training Experts Worldwide, African Chamber of Commerce (AFCHAM), African Business Chamber (ABC), Black Chamber of  Commerce (BCC) and Afriscaper owned by Messrs Omololu Consulting, ADRON Homes and Properties Worldwide, Diaspora Associations, Asia and beyond, KAM HOLDING, REJOG4, BRAEPIC, MD Entertainment Limited among others so our production number is expected to quadruple from the Next Edition that will be translated into English, Chinese and French, hence, 3-in-1! The Main Country of focus for the next edition is the Benin Republic but we shall touch other countries with a special Supplement for Ethiopia Airline Group: All-time Africa’s best.

Our crew is a global network that cuts across the major continents of the globe, thriving on a very rich repertoire of human resources, the choice of China as headquarters base is a function of technical advantage and global access and the contemporary status of the Asian Giant as a great friend of the Mother Africa.

Our International Headquarters is located at 9F Silvercorp International Tower 707-713 Nathan Road Mongkok KLN HKG Corp, China, while our Central Production Office is in Shanghai, China, and Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa where our General Editor in Chief resides.



Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the best, most affordable, and consistent channel through which the entire humanity can vividly behold and access the listless socioeconomic opportunities that litter the nooks and crannies of Africa.



Our Mission

We passionately purpose to fill the yawning gaps of information that have denied the entire race of man the opportunity of maximizing the socioeconomic resources that Africa really is to the world, through a highly rich global crew that is not only engaged in researches aimed at unearthing the yet-to-be-known about, but also facilitating international business relationships.



The Magazine

BridgeAfrique, a globally circulated piece, is a quarterly publication that projects Africa and China to the world and Vice versa.

Generally cast in a free-flowing prose form, the Magazine focuses on the socioeconomic realities and prospects of the Black Continent, with the following cardinal objectives of:

i. Boosting the global repertoire of knowledge about Africa, its people, culture, extant resources, and potentials;

ii. Stimulating positive global perception and interest in Africa its people, resources and potentials; and

iii. Ultimately, facilitating a mutually benefiting the socioeconomic relationship between Africans and the rest of humanity, particularly through foreign investment promotion and facilitation.

To effectively attain the foregoing, BridgeAfrique Magazine, as stated above,  is cast in three major world languages – English, French, and Chinese.

Each edition is a beam light across Africa, with a special focus on a particular country, being the subject-matter of its cover story. In this regard, both the public and private sectors are given maximum attention.



The Inaugural Edition

BridgeAfrique Magazine was first published in August 2015, with a special focus on Nigeria, in a highly aesthetic piece that offered balanced projections to the diverse geographical and socioeconomic divides of the African Continent.

In line with the flip side of our cardinal mission – projecting the external world to Africans – the first edition prominently conveyed China to the homes of Africa around the world, objectively projecting the historical relationship and importance of China to Africa, capping it with a critique that articulated the necessities of balancing the relationship between the Black Continent and the communist Giant.


The Second Edition

In both form and content, the second edition of BridgeAfriqueMagazine, which is currently circulating globally, is a significant improvement on the first.

Its special coverage and projection of South Africa, through its cover stories, is a necessity of the need to help the world as a whole – the need to dig deep and project the truth about South Africa, against the background of the latest xenophobic incident, and confirm the continuous suitability or otherwise of the Rainbow Country for foreign investment. Hence, the cover story captioned, Why you must invest in South Africa, is currently spreading around the nooks and crannies of the global village to restore the confidence of the human race in South Africa as a pot of honey made for all and available for all men and women, irrespective of socio-cultural and economic differences.

As a complete package, hidden treasures and talents in the south, west, east, and north of Africa are exhumed in such countries as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, etc. and projected to our global readers, offline and online.

Importantly, our innovative peer-review column, Pride of Africa, registered its debut in this edition, presenting the world with a comparative assessment of developmental projects and characteristic-traits of African Countries with the aim of boosting developmental competition on the Continent.



The Future

The future of Africa and the world, in general, appear brighter than ever as BridgeAfrique is poised to resiliently and consistently bridge the socio-cultural and economic gap between the various peoples of the world. Our emphasis will remain the eradication of widespread ignorance about Africa with its vast extent and potential resources, with a view to empowering men and women of all races with the endless socio-cultural and economic opportunities that litter the Continent.

Specifically, the next edition is a promising and suspense-filled statement on how greatly untapped Africa still remains after millennials of exploration by man.



BridgeAfrique magazine is a business magazine aimed at showcasing the business interest of Africa and China to the world while connecting numerous potentials existing in Africa to China and the world.

Below are some key benefits of advertising in BridgeAfrique magazine;

  1. Create awareness for your products and services in Africa, China, and all our Locations around the world.
  2. Increase more patronage for products and services
  3. Boost the visibility for your services within Africa, China, and beyond.
  4. Build the brand name of your business and products.
  5. You get cost-effective rates in reaching massive target customers for your products and services.

We want to assure you that we have the best brains in the Journalism cum advertising Industry to carry out this task all over the world so all we need is a continuous trust in Our Team of Media and Networking Experts. Attached please find our advert details and subscription form for your necessary attention. We are, however, open for further negotiation, while we await your soonest response on our proposal.

Best Regards,


Hon. Kolawole O.Michael (JP)