October 1, 2023


BridgeAfrique Magazine is published by our Company, BridgeAfrique Publishing Company Limited, an outfit that is incorporated in China and HKG with regional offices all over Africa, USA, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Manila, CEBU-Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, and Qatar. The number of copies produced and circulated quarterly ranges between 30-50,000 while we encourage more productions (Hard copies) anytime the need arises from any of our regional offices. We are currently in official Partnership with your Esteemed Airline Ethiopia Airlines, TED Training Experts Worldwide, African Chamber of Commerce (AFCHAM), African Business Chamber (ABC), Black Chamber of  Commerce (BCC) and Afriscaper owned by Messrs Omololu Consulting, ADRON Homes and Properties Worldwide, Diaspora Associations, Asia and beyond, KAM HOLDING, REJOG4, BRAEPIC, MD Entertainment Limited among others so our production number is expected to quadruple from the Next Edition that will be translated into English, Chinese and French, hence, 3-in-1! The Main Country of focus for the next edition is the Benin Republic but we shall touch other countries with a special Supplement for Ethiopia Airline Group: The All-time Africa’s best.