June 9, 2023

BAM_African Biggest Magazine Publishers.

African Biggest Magazine Publishers.

..BridgeAfrique Magazine is a business magazine aimed at showcasing and Bridging the business interest of Africa and China to the world while connecting numerous potentials existing in other Countries to Africa and China.
Below are some key benefits of advertising in BridgeAfrique magazine;
1.     Create awareness for your products and services in Africa, China, and all our locations around the world.
2.    Increase more patronage for your company, products, and services
3.    Boost the visibility for your products and services within Africa, China, and beyond.
4.    Build the brand name of your company, business, and products.
5.    You get cost-effective rates in reaching massive target customers for your products and services.
6.  Designs for very Important clients at a very nominal fee.
7.Full Payment when the Magazine is Out.

For Enquiries, Contact bridgeafriquemagazine@gmail.com

+86 139 1894 3324


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