June 10, 2023

The Core Team

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Together we would tell Africa stories and make Africa great again. This team has several people of diverse backgrounds bringing their best to the table to make Bridge Afrique great.

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Mr Kolawole O.Michael (JP)


As the publisher, Mr. Kolawole has overall responsibility for content development and production. He manages teams of editors and designers who review contributions, edit manuscripts and prepare layouts for printed or digital BridgeAfrique production. He focuses on the profitability of BridgeAfrique Magazine and oversees the advertising within.

He defines the editorial position and manages business operations so that the bridgeafrique magazine provides readers with high-quality content while maximizing revenue and profit.

Over the decade, Mr. Kolawole has become an experienced negotiator of the Chinese market for manufactured products and has helped many Africans who have been thronging China markets to buy Chinese products for importation into the African markets at the most competitive prices thereby maximizing their profit.

Mr. Bode Iwayeye

Mr. Bode Iwayeye  is Strategic Business Director for bridgeafrique magazine and specializes in identifying Business opportunities and Leads across Africa for BAM. He also manages channels of integration and delivery for Business projects which include content marketing, conferences, and exhibitions.

Over the past 20 years, he has developed business processes for over 30 companies in 10 industries ( Music, Audio-Visual Production, Movie Distribution, Fashion industry, Ecommerce, E-business, Digital Services, and Magazine publication.

He has also been involved in Conferences and Exhibitions, Manufacturing), Business Market Report and Analysis, Training and deployment in ERP systems, supervising and developing multi-vendor e-commerce sites with integrated sales and purchasing management modules and supervising and developing biometric identification and verification system with integrated Id-card production system.

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Bidemi David

Mr. David B. Omotunbi is the Director of Special Project on Tourism for Bridgeafrique Magazine and specializes in exploring and educating the beauty and benefits of Tourism to the world at large. He reveals the opportunity and the business ideas that are hidden in the Tourism world. Training, tutoring and mentoring people to grab the business opportunity in Aviation. He exposes the world of tourism to whoever comes his way and makes them see the beauty and businesses that are hidden in tourism in their locality.

For more than 15 years, he has been in the Aviation industry and has worked for different companies at different capacities before establishing his own company named SPEEDLIGHT TRAVELS AND LOGISTICS LTD.

He is a Chartered Administrator and a certified Industrial distributor and financial strategy in International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Billing and Settlement Plan. (BSP).

Akintaro Ponmile

Akintaro, Ponmile Lekan is a school proprietor, company director, strategist, business developer, and life builder. By training, he is a writer, editor, and proficient proofreader. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated his life to youth guidance, reorientation, and counseling with a view to developing in them a positive passion for life so that they may become useful to themselves and to the society at large. As a philanthropist, he has, through his NGO impacted the lives of rural dwellers and children from financially poor homes. His hobby is studying the natural and economic strengths of different countries in order to aid him in strategically offering useful advice and guidance to people across different nations. Akintaro, Ponmile Lekan has received several awards from different social, religious and professional groups owing to his outstanding contributions to the community and human lives.

Oludare S. Sundeuy

I am a senior editor and an associate director of Bridge Afrique Magazine in China. As a representative in Nigeria, I coordinate and represent BAM activities and views relating to Africans in the diaspora and its leadership hegemony.  An instructor and a school trainer in role modeling and students’ developmental skills. I present and write issues on educational matters such as in parenting and pastoral upbringings.l also render my services in caregiving and in humanitarian purposes for others. By virtue of my profession as an educationist, I am also a creative

writer, a poet and a drama practitioner of which this medium has been a link with the larger audience on the global stage.

Engr. Muhammad Sada

Engr. Muhammad Sada is a senior civil engineer in the Federal Ministry of Power, Works & Housing. Experienced and specialized in contract negotiations, implementation, management & PPP projects. For the past 9 years, he has worked for several companies & participated in different construction projects both at the Federal & State government levels as well as in the oil & gas industry. He is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials and a certified health & safety officer in construction.

Ebube George.

Ebisike Ebube is the Current Acting Editor in Chief of BRIDGEAFRIQUE MAGAZINE. born 21st, July eight years after the moon landings by Apollo 11 mission. He has been an outer space crusader, educator, and evangelist from his youth. He studied Civil Engineering at the Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT), Enugu, Nigeria. He is a researcher, scientist, social activist, speaker, public policy analyst, budding documentary filmmaker, writer, conservationist, consultant aspiring astronaut and soon to be published, author.

In a letter dated 1st April 2016 to Dr. Ogbonnaya-Onu, the current Nigeria Federal Minister of Science & Technology (FMST) and Director-General Prof. Mohammed Onielo of NASRDA (Nigeria’s Space Agency) he officially requested to be (state) sponsored to enter astronaut training in any of the global agencies as NASA, ROSCOSMOS, CNSA or JAXA. This is especially in the light of President Mohammadu Buhari administration’s declaration that it will put an astronaut in space by 2030. Ebube is likely the first Nigeria youth to request this as he also entered for Mars One astronaut training. Ebube invited the recent past NASA administrator during the President Obama administration – Charlie Bolden to participate in the continent’s first #SpaceUp Unconference –  #SpaceUpAfrica & Green Roundtable, Abuja.

He is a member of the Science Ambassadors Foundation (SAF), Solar Power Advocacy Network based in the US and is working with his team and Nigeria institutions to set up the West Africa Solarcar Federation (WAScF) to interface with the International Solarcar Federation. In 2015 Ebube as Creative Director  & Captain headed Team Nigeria  WSC or Nigeria Solar Eagles National Team to design the 9Jabolt solar car and he working to raise funding for its building as it is scheduled to compete at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Adelaide, Australia in Oct. 2019.


Ejembi David

Ejembi David with the stage name Young-FLOWZY! is an Afropop Artiste, a Blogger, Graphic Designer, and Producer! FLOWZY hailed from Benue but based in Lagos State. Nigeria. FLOWZY is a very versatile individual whose love for Music is simply amazing! His motto is #Music​, the Main Language of the Soul#. A very humble person who doesn’t joke with any assignment or appointment that can move his life to the next level. Read the 7th Edition of BRIDGEAFRIQUE Magazine RWANDA Special to know more about FLOWZY and his background.FLOWZY is currently BRIDGEAFRIQUE MAGAZINE’s Digital MARKETTER and Website Administrator as Well as SOUND PRODUCER OF MIKEDIPSON RECORDS.